Thank You for Visiting Whiteboard Marketing!

2011AugTractorShowCodeWar 042iiiWe’re here to help your company do what you know it needs to do.

We deliver fresh content on a weekly basis and sales enablement materials as needed. Bottom line – we’ll do the research and write your blogs so that your customers see you are staying up to date and in the game and so that search engines will find you.

All the positive traits associated with a small company we have. All the  positive traits associated with a big company, we have.


Simple, how many times have you worked for a small company that tried to act big? “Let’s have four-digit phone extensions.”  “Let’s do the employee count when we have lots of interns present.” “Let’s table that contract so it looks like we have a legal team. Legal always takes a long time.”

How many times have you worked for a large company that tried to act small? “Why don’t we have the VP call them. Then they’ll think we always support our customers this way.” “Don’t promise the customer anything until you’ve cleared it up the chain. Then, once you know you have approval, tell them about it and get back to them quickly so it looks as though we are nimble.”  “Support, we have great support. Just look at how large our user base is. They are really active.”

At Whiteboard Marketing there is no time for acting. (Although, we can do some pretty good voices!) We are here to write!

People want to learn about your products, your services, your company on their terms. This is what we do. We write the content, that attracts the people, that engages their interests that converts them to leads.

Soon we’ll ask you to roam around the site and click the ‘tires’.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us at

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